*NEW* All Star Novice Team for Ages 11 & Under

Post Date: Thu Jul 15, 2021 | Author: Marisa

*New This Season*
Our HALF YEAR Storm All Stars Team Novice Team for Ages 5-11

Practices Begin August 2nd

Our Storm All Stars Novice Teams offers athletes an opportunity to experience the excitement of All-Stars without the time commitment, financial obligation and rigorous training schedule.  This is the perfect stepping stone for athletes into Storm All Stars competitive program.  Athletes will learn jumps, motions, tumbling, transitions, dance and how to stunt.  Their skills will be choreographed in to a 1 minute 30 second routine and will perform this routine at area competitions giving them valuable experience performing in front of spectators increasing their confidence and courage. Open to athletes ages 5-11.  There are NO try-outs and NO experience necessary!

Open to athletes ages 5-11. There are NO try-outs and NO experience necessary!

Practice Days / Times TBA (Begins Aug 2nd)

Novice Teams practice 2 days per week
Weekday practice is 1 hour
Weekend practices will be 1 1/2 hours

More Information: https://stormallstar.com/all-stars-2/