Junior Coach In Training Application

What is the Jr Coach In Training Program:

Junior Coach Candidates are Coaches in Training that will assist Storm All Stars coaches in classes, camps, special events and / or all star teams. This program gives athletes the opportunity to further their talent in the sport and have them grow as amazing young adults.  Applicants will be chosen based on experience, background, availability &  interview.


Benefits of the Jr Coach In Training Program:

All hours recorded as Jr Coach In Training can be used towards Community Service Hours required for high school students

The program is a great way to continue to develop time management, leadership qualities, and coaching skills.

Opportunity to foster your love for the support of cheerleading through teaching younger athletes.

A great stepping stone for any athletes wishing to pursue a position as a coach or youth events leader in the future.

Who can apply as a Jr Coach In Training?

Any athlete that is Age 13 - 18

Must have relevant cheer knowledge


Expectations of  Jr Coach Candidates:

Attend, and be punctual for classes, practices, events and / or assignments.

Assist coach(es) in successfully running classes / practices which may include: practice planning, taking the lead on stretch, drills, and/or spotting.

Be a positive role model for all athletes and maintain a high example of behavior while representing Storm All Stars.

Be cooperative and helpful to all coaches & athletes.

Work hard, take directions from head & assistant coaches, and strive for excellence.

Required 100 hours of volunteer coaching before they will be considered for employment.